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Dominican Republic, Regal Heights Church - Colleen Cole and Stephen McCurdy

The purpose of this trip was to re-kindle relationships. Many years ago, City Heights Church sponsored several elderly, handicapped or people as well as students who had the potential to excel academically but couldn’t afford school fees. One of the children they sponsored has graduated as a medical doctor and has set up weekly clinics in 3 communities in the remote areas an hour outside Puerto Plata and Luperon. She and her husband also pastor the local church and take care of the spiritual needs of the community. The team spent 3 days with Dr. Milka in these 3 communities, helping with medical care and spiritual care. They also spent a day with Pastor Pedro who has planted a few small churches in and around Puerta Plata and Santiago and with Dr. Sammy Lambert who is a doctor who ministers to the needs of the Haitian migrant workers who live on sugar cane plantations outside Sosoua and are enslaved to the plantation owners. Regal Heights Church continues

seeking God’s will in partnering with these three Pastors/doctors to bring the gospel to the sick, oppressed, and marginalized people by equipping and empowering the local leaders.

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