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Guatemala - Elmwoods

We are so grateful for the opportunity we were given to go on a mission trip to San Pedro, Guatemala with Impacto Spanish Ministries. It was extra special because we were able to share this experience with two of our teenage children- Tom,13 years old, and Adelle 15 years old. Previous to our trip we studied beginner Spanish with Versy Frid and now God was going to give us an chance to use it. Our task was to build a house for a family in need as a way of connecting to them and their community. The 15' x 15' house was for a single mom and her three children aged 9, 13 and 15. My children and her children developed a very close bond and many tears were shed at the end of the week. Even though we are many miles apart we promised to pray for each others' family. Our desires are very much the same that our children would continue to learn about God and grow closer to Him and that we too would continue to grow and serve him. The mother of the family had just become a Christian and she also wanted us to pray that her children would get a good education which she was unable to get herself.

Thanks to J2N for encouraging us, supporting us and praying for us. It's so nice to know there are so many mature Christians on the committee that know the important things in life.

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