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New York, Missions for Go Team-Cheryl Bagnell

Thank you J2N for sponsoring for part of my Missions with "Go Team New York."

January 2018 I started off praying and asking the Lord what was for me this New Year.he showed me many things but most of all the "Statue of Liberty."I really sensed He was sending me to New York. Having been diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 years ago and having difficulty in walking ,seeing and still having care givers was wondering how is that going to happen.

Saving the money for the trip and help from J2N blessed others and myself in many ways.God is funny!I was going to back out of this trip the week before we left and asked God He needs to really show me that he wants me at Metro World Child,with the disabilities I had I felt there is nothing I can help with.

So that Sunday after service our Team Leader Marni Yuke came up to me and says "Are you an Artist?."I said "Yes,why?" she says "can you paint a Mural? (She did not know that I am an Artist),I said "Yes".She then says New York Metro World Child just emailed her and they need a mural painted.I knew it was the Lord and we were packed and ready to go the next week.We got in New York and went into the City and I walked 10 Blocks ,this was a miracle because could only do a short distance ,and able to walk in Airports.First time in 5 Years.

Helping the kids from Brooklyn New York  and the interns who are from all over the world was amazing.To be on a team that cared so much for all the people God presented to us on the Sunday School sidewalk kids,people on the Subway,one lady was sitting next to me and the train started and I bumped her and said I was sorry this is my first time on a subway and she laughed.I asked her what she did for a living and she said she works rehabilitating people that had brain injury's and strokes.

I let her know about the brain issues I deal with and that  God gifted her to help these people and when she is tired in her job to remember I am so thankful for people like herself who helped me.

The Children Getting out of school coming home from school would stop with their parent and listen and participate in the sidewalk ministry,they would hear the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and play games.We all had fun with the Lord blessings.

After Painting the Big mural we were asked to paint three smaller murals it was for the cafeteria where the Interns eat.The interns work very hard at Metro with the Children.We went and picked up the 1000 Children on the School Buses to see a movie at a Church in Brooklyn.

The Go Team NYC served as much as we could cleaning windows and filters.Making boxes,helping with the interns with the children,serving painting doors and cleaning off graffiti .We were busy bees for the Lord and it really was a wonderful Mission of Team work and smiles..Thank you J2N for helping me to go to Metro NYC.There is so much we did and learned there ,Glory to God for everything He has done!!!

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