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Nicaragua, Pathway to Progress - Sheila MacKay Morrison

My story has so many elements of God’s plans for our lives, His grace in making them open before us and His ability to touch our hearts like nothing I could have ever imagined.

My story started when I was a senior camper attending a church camp in Cape Breton and a ‘missionary from India ‘visited with us. I was touch and moved and seeds were planted at that time.

As I listened and watched ‘Prayer Partners’ come and go in my church, attending Jesus to the Nation year after year, the desire in my heart was to get more involved , however I would be satisfied by words echoing in my head ‘not everyone has to go to the field, financial support and prayers are very important!’ I would wipe my brow and sigh loudly …whew … but I was touched. God had a plan and over the years He put the pieces together. I was given the privilege to join a group of women, including my 23 year old daughter, heading to Managua, Nicaragua. Once I prayed and felt God’s hand in making it happen, all fears and anxieties were removed and my hand was firmly planted in His as He lead me on to do His work .

To have 8 women build a 16X30 house was truly of His doing. I am so thankful for J2N and its support, encouragement and prayers. As I wait on Him to lead me on, I am blessed to have had this opportunity to serve Him.

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