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Nicaragua, Water Ambassadors - Doug Morse

For the past five years I have attended Jesus To The Nations; looking and listening to all the things that the Lord was doing in other peoples lives. So many opportunities to go places and make a difference in this world for Him! This desire to serve laid on my heart and finally last year at Jesus to the Nations I took the plunge with Water Ambassadors Canada. They were getting together a team to go to Nicaragua - replacing wells so the locals could have clean drinkable water.

Well, I met up with the team in Toronto and off we went to “Nica”. Didn’t take long to build a relationship with the team. From the start, I could sense that God was with me. The place where the team make it’s home base for the week was great. Driving to my first well repair was a real eye opener. The place where we travelled up into the mountains - well, it was hard to believe that people lived there The locals came out to see what we were up too.

We tore out the old well and put in new ones. Seeing the look on the faces of families watching the water flow out of the spout of the new well head was amazing. Seeing and then hearing how thankful they were that we would give of our time to help them with their needs was process!! To shake their hands and see smiles on the kid’s faces when a soccer ball was given to them. The feeling of doing something that makes so much of a impact on these peoples lives was worth it all.

The work and travel with the team make it easy to build strong friendships. The days went by fast and the desire to help more was on my heart. I know for me that I felt like I was doing something worthwhile. I will never be the same after that trip with Water Ambassadors. I left Nica knowing that the thirteen wells that the team replaced make a difference in their daily lives.

But the the biggest difference was in my heart. I am so blessed to live here with our abundance. To know that with each person that says YES to help others in the world, we are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

I will never look at clean water the same way ever again. God bless you; where ever you GO!

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