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AIM - SJ In North Africa

Over the past six months I've been living in North Africa. The whole journey to getting here began in 2018 at Jesus to the Nations. I had recently arrived back from a 4 month trip to Central America and questioned what I was supposed to do next. During the J2N conference, I was put in contact with AIM and began to seek out where God was leading me to go. I packed my bags in July 2019 to live in an Arab country for the next 10 months of my life where I would experience a season of deep spiritual growth. The things I've learned though this experience have changed the way I pray, how I look at the Great Commission and has helped me to see just how desperate our world is for Jesus. It's equipped me with the skills to share His truth whether I live in North Africa or Canada. These 10 months have given me a glimpse into what God is doing to further His kingdom around the world, and how we can take part in that.

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