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Friday, March 27

6:30pm       Missions Displays

7:30pm       Worship & Plenary

Dr Richard Schlitt

“The Language of Jesus in Word, Actions and Power”

9:15pm       Missions Displays

10:30pm     Good Night

Saturday, March 28

9:15am      Missions Displays

9:45am      Seminars

11:00am    Worship & Plenary

 Dr. David Garrison

"Global Overview of Muslim Movements to Christ"_

12:30pm     Lunch Break/ Missions Displays

2:15pm       Worship & Plenary

Morgan Wienberg

"Child Protection in Haiti: The Importance of Families"

4:00pm        Break/ Missions Displays

4:30pm        Seminars

5:30pm        Supper Break/ Missions Displays

7:15pm       Worship & Plenary

Dr Richard Schlitt

"Speaking God's word from a position of weakness"

9:00pm        Break

9:15pm        Worship

Sunday, March 29

1:00pm       Missions Displays

2:30pm       Worship & Plenary

 Dr. David Garrison

"How God is at work in Muslim movements to Christ"


Matthew 28:19 "Go and make disciples of all Nations"