Morning Seminars

Being an Evangelistic Church in a Digital Age

Acadia Divinity College - Steve McMullin, Ph.D.

Room 502

Social life in Canada has changed drastically in a very short time because of digital media. How can churches be effective witnesses in such a digital age? This workshop will provide a basis for understanding the massive social changes taking place in today’s world, and will then offer practical help for those who want to know how churches can best share the good news of Jesus in this digital age


Tools and Resources to Assess and Strengthen Your Church's Missions Program

SEND International of Canada - Merla Gogel

Room 503

This seminar is for “Senders” - those who help identify, prepare and support the “GOers”. We will review a high-level framework for pastors and other church leaders to assess their cross-cultural engagement. Key topics include: the Missions Committee, the Missions Policy and Short-Term Missions.

Business as Mission: New Necessary Approach

Plenary Speaker - Richard Schlitt

Room 505 -506

Many doors are closed to traditional missions. In today’s world, business gives the opportunity to demonstrate and speak about our faith. Business opens doors to people otherwise not reached, where good business is welcome while other entry is not. The business can earn a profit and local people are given the opportunity to earn their living. The truth of the gospel can be demonstrated and explained.


Church Teams on Short Term Mission

SENT - Randy Stanton

Room 507

How can our church use Short Term Mission as part of the church mission strategy? We will be exploring the strengths of Short Term Mission as a way to enhance mission engagement individually and collectively. SENT is an STM mission partner with local churches.

Reaching Out to Secularizing Muslim Millennials in North America

Kingswood University - Matthew Friedman

Room 508

When we think of what is involved in reaching out to Muslim people, we often focus on knowledge of traditional Muslim beliefs as well as basic apologetics. While these are important, it is also helpful to be aware of the effects of secularization on Muslim millennials, and shape our witness to meet this newer challenge.


Ending Poverty Together: Rethinking Causes and Solutions

Food for the Hungry Canada - Mike Janz

Room 526

This is an interactive workshop from a biblical worldview designed to help redefine our understanding of poverty – both causes and solutions – in Canada and abroad. Gain a healthy, hope-filled approach to engaging in poverty alleviation



The Voice of the Martyrs - Ed Blasco

Room 527

In Canada and the world, are Christians really persecuted because of their faith and witness? This workshop will share what persecution looks like in Canada and what God says about it. The workshop will also look at historical instances of persecution (including how the disciples of Jesus died for their faith) and the state of persecution today and the future.


God's Love in Word and Deed in the Land of the Bible

Bridges for peace - Eric Malloy

Room 528

This session will include: • A biblical review of love in action, and discipleship through good deeds. • A biblical look at the mission of the disciple and the work of the Holy Spirit in kingdom building. • A brief summary of Christian antisemitism and its impact on God’s work in Israel today. • A comparison between an evangelist and a witness. • A brief review of Romans 9 and 11 – what does it mean that we Gentile Christians are grafted and adopted. • An illustration of prophetic fulfillment in Israel as a demonstration of God’s love in action.

Child Protection in Haiti: The Importance of Families

Plenary Speaker - Morgan Wienberg

Room 530 - 531

Children belong in safe, loving and self-sustaining families - not institutions. Over 80% of children living in orphanages globally have at least one living parent. These children are typically "poverty orphans", separated from their families due to lack of financial means. Yet why is the reaction to poverty often separating children from their parents - instead of supporting their families in a sustainable way? This is the shift in mentality Little Footprints, Big Steps is trying to create (among Haitian parents, foreign volunteers, and international donors)

Discipleship that Lasts

Capernwray Quebec - Jay McIntyre

Room 533A

Disciple making is our call as followers of Christ, yet so few are involved in actively discipling others. Too many of us feel unqualified to join in this world altering work that's been set before us. What would happen if we felt fully equipped to make disciples?

Afternoon Seminars

Prepared to Suffer: Missions is No Cake-Walk

SIM - Don Longworth

Room 502

The idea of missions is so easily romanticized. The reality? It is often brutally difficult and not for the faint of heart or undecided. The Bible tells us to arm ourselves with the expectation of suffering. In this seminar we will take a clear-eyed look at the realities and difficulties you should expect in front-line missions.

God's Heart for the Nations

OMS International Canada - Mark Kroes

Room 503

It is remarkable how often the nations are mentioned in Scripture in connection with God's purposes. What do you know about the nations? And do they figure into your missional strategy? This seminar will help you understand God's heart for the nations and how that should affect your missons strategy.

Muslim Movement to Christ

Plenary Speaker - Dr. David Garrison

Room 505 - 506

This seminar will explore how Muslims are coming to Christ in some of the largest movements in the world today. Seminar attendees will gain practical steps as well as principles that have led to Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Participants will leave the seminar with the assurance that today is the day of salvation for the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims.

Just the Way You Are! Practical Evangelism in an Impractical World!

Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada - Alex Henderson

Room 507

The world we live in can be seen as hostile and completely against providing Christian organizations an opportunity to thrive and impact their environments, unless... we lead with practical and tangible connecting points that provide a crack in the door that naturally uncovers the Jesus that we follow. Hear about how MAF leads with individuals that apply their gifts and skills practically, thereby opening door after door of connecting points to share what drives them below the waterline.

Holistic Ministry

Interserve - Sheila McKelvie

Room 508

Explore what it means to practice holistic ministry, modeling God’s concern for the total well-being of people and communities and its impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

Digital Storytelling and Mission

Greater Europe Mission - Doug Barkman

Room 526

Redefining the Scope of Discipleship. With the advent of Influencer as a profession, I take a look at what missions can do through digital storytelling to positively influence the Canadian church, and how discipleship can include a global audience. This seminar would be of interest to prospective missionaries as well as supporters who are looking to engage with their ministry partners around the world.

Restoring Dorian’s Destruction: A Case Study for Sustainable Water Solutions After A Natural Disaster

World Hope International - Tanya Nace and Deborah Gilbert

Room 527

How can the church provide sustainable water solutions after a natural disaster strikes? World Hope International (WHI) asked this question and answered it with solar-powered water desalination. WHI trained a volunteer team from the Maritimes to sustain this ministry of compassion and released this team to serve Bahamians by pumping over 82,000 gallons of clean water!

Strategies to Reach the Last 42% of the Unreached World

Light In Action (LIA) - Bonnie Enns

Room 528

Our films are being translated and distributed globally as a tool to teach the Bible from creation to Christ, equipping the church with the resources to reach the world with the gospel. Now we're developing films focused on reaching the least reached people groups, by raising questions and creating a thirst to know the truth.

Hospitality and the Christian Mission

Acadia Divinity College - Steve McMullin, Ph.D.

Room 530 - 531

New Canadians are arriving in Atlantic Canada as students, immigrants, and refugees. Meanwhile, society is increasingly individualistic and people’s homes are very private. These social changes provide exciting opportunities for followers of Jesus to welcome people of other faiths and cultures in our homes. This workshop will explain Biblically how the Christian mission relates to hospitality and will offer practical guidance about welcoming and sharing the good news with people of other cultures and faiths.

Holistic Ministry, A Journey Towards Community Transformation

BL Dawn for the Poor Foundation - Fred & MiMi Dungganon

Room 532

We will be sharing our fruitful practices applied in our various ministries. This is a journey towards community transformation and is a life time commitment of discipleship in Christ. We will be sharing real life testimonies of people who have been through this journey and are now helping others experience the same transformation.

How Bible Translation Promotes Social Justice Efforts in Communities around the World

Wycliffe - Terra-Mae Crossman or Don Grove

Room 533A

Bible translation is about more than translating Bibles! Wycliffe Bible Translators work in communities around the world to develop literacy projects to ensure that every person who receives a Bible in their language will be able to read it too. Literacy projects are fundamental to the development of meaningful social projects in these communities. Come learn more about what Wycliffe is doing in partnership with communities all around the globe regarding efforts to promote justice.