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Morning Seminars.

Room 503   Mark Kroes  - One Mission Society Canada

What Does the Bible Say About Missions?

 Let’s explore the Bible to determine God’s overarching purpose throughout history.    We will take a quick tour through the Bible to reveal that God’s heart has always been for the nations and for his glory. Our missions purpose and joy are connected to understanding this purpose and our participation in it.

Room 505/506 Danny MacKay  I Am Second / e3 Canada

How to tell others about Jesus

 98% of North American Christians never share their faith with someone who does not yet know Jesus. Some of the reason for this is that they simply don’t know how to initiate spiritual conversations, share their story, or share God’s story (the gospel). In this workshop, we will look at tools that empower others to engage in a natural way and move into deeper spiritual conversations.  It’s easier than you think! Let’s learn how to share the greatest news ever with people who desperately need to hear it.

Room 507 Randy Stanton Canadian Baptist Mission/SENT

Ready to be SENT cross-culturally? Understanding the purpose and realities of Short Term Mission trips.


Is your church thinking of investing in a mission team?  We will consider the foundational importance of STM's and doing them well.  Topics include:   discipleship, developing leadership, cultural partners, dangers and pitfalls, ongoing engagement, benefits to teams, individuals and churches.”

 Room 508 Sheila McKelvie    Interserve Canada

 Breaking Barriers – Embracing and Celebrating Cultural Differences.

We will explore how our culture and worldview molds our interactions with other peoples.  We will learn about different ways of seeing the world around us and look at ways to reach across cultures to share God’s love. Sheila McKelvie will be speaking from her 29 years of serving in Pakistan with an international team.

Room 526   Jolene Dykstra   English Language Institute-S.E Asia.   

Cultivation Cross-cultural Communication

As a Canadian who spent 11 years in Asian and Middle-Eastern contexts, I've put my foot in my mouth plenty of times and been confused about many situations. I'll share stories and discuss a few factors that may explain instances you may have faced,  as well as talk about opportunities to experience cross-cultural living yourself!

Room 527 Bibiana MacLeod  Medical Ambassadors International

Disaster Management.


Bibiana has been involved in ministry during times of distress in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other countries in South America. She studies at Wheaton College in their Humanitarian Disaster Leadership Master’s program. She will be sharing what churches can do to take part in the cycle of disasters, in effective and impactful ways. 

Room 535 James S. Eagles  Intercede International

Serving indigenous Missions Abroad, Reaching the Nations at Home.

Today we live in a global village. Opportunities abound here at home and around the world. We have opportunities to go, partner and work with indigenous missions where the need to present the Gospel is great. At the same time, the Nations have come to Us! Learn how you can GO at home and abroad.  

Room 530/531 Sepideh Abooei Elam Ministries 

Islam: Catch People for Jesus

Learn how to share Jesus with Muslims here in Canada.  You will learn how Muslims learn to share their faith and how you can respond with the good news of Jesus. 

Room 533A  Jay McIntyreCapernwray Quebec Bible School.

Disciple Making in the context of community.


In the world of ever shrinking attention spans and diminishing ability to relate socially how do we reach into the culture and make disciples? It is important for young people to own and belong to life giving communities. When we create and engage in these communities along side of them, we have the opportunity to join Christ in the work of long lasting formative disciple making.


Room 502  Christiane (Fox) Horton SIM

 Life within the Global Church: 9 years of Learning in South Sudan

Today we recognize that the majority world church is larger than the traditional centre of western Christianity. We learn to shift our understanding and relationship to the global church. We have much to receive and give to them. Christine summarizes lessons learned during the 9 years of rich ministry among the Mabaan church in South Sudan

Room 503.   Shelly Lyons   Outreach Canada / Kairos

Geography of Missions in Canada

 It has been said that, in Canada, the nations are coming to us, but what does that really mean?  And what impact does this have on believers engaging in the Great Commission?  Explore with me the geography of the mission field in Canada and how we can be involved in “making disciples of all nations.”

Room 505/506 Dr. Yaw Perbi and Seth Bevans    International Student Ministry Canada.

Global missions right here in the Maritimes!

11,000 international students per year come to the Maritimes. As the world becomes increasingly difficult for traditional missions, God is strategically bringing the nations right to us!  ISMC is mobilizing local churches to reach out to the 100+ nations right at our own doorstep! Are you interested in doing international missions locally?

Room 507  Alex Henderson  Mission Aviation Fellowship - Canada

MAF ‘Flies for Life’!  

Experience first-hand about the work MAF does in flying over 140 light aircraft for over 1500 humanitarian, missional and relief and development agencies in over 30+ countries.  Taking you ‘beyond the prop’to remote and isolated communities to provide hope and provision in some of the most isolated places on earth. 



Room 508 Andrew Croft  Open Doors Canada

Living with Guts & Courage (youth focused)

Following Jesus as a teenager isn't easy! It takes guts and courage to live fully devoted to Jesus here in Canada and around the world. We’ll share the stories of teenagers around the world following Jesus courageously to inspire us to do the same here in Canada. 

Room 526  Jolene Dykstra  English Language Institute-S.E Asia.   

Those who CAN, teach!

Even those who don't have teaching degrees can take advantage of opportunities that being a teacher overseas can provide. Teaching with excellence meets needs of people around the world by stepping into an established role that brings value to the community. Come hear some incredible advantages to reaching out to the nations through teaching!



Room 527 Bibiana MacLeod   Medical Ambassadors International.

How we teach Oral Cultures.

This seminar will confront attendants from literate cultures with the challenges that  emerge from trying to communicate with people that have a different style for learning, based on oral teaching.  Bibiana and Alexander MacLeod will be sharing with participants their experience with Aboriginal Groups in South America as well as Haitian communities. 

 Room 528  Anna Grove  Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

Bible Translation on the Ground: A First-Hand Perspective

Anna's family has spent the last 20 years in Cameroon, doing Bible translation, coordinating literacy programs and promoting community development. The Chrambo New Testament will be dedicated this year in spite of heightened civil unrest in the area. But, how does this project differ from new ones beginning in areas such as Thailand or Northern Canada?

Room 530/531 Ron Viergutz.  Overseas Missionary Fellowship

Is it Possible to be a Buddhist Christian, or a Christian Buddhist?

On the face of it, it would be impossible to find two religions more different than Buddhism and Christianity. Christians believe that there is a God, whereas Buddhism has no god. The Buddha pointed the way, whereas Jesus said that he was the way. Christianity promises believers eternal life. Buddhism’s highest state, the state of enlightenment, is freedom from being reborn. Come and hear more.

Room 532   Michael Ghiz.   Canadian Network of Ministry to Moslems. 

Strategies and Methods of Mission to Muslims 

I will be developing a biblical and theological basis for mission. Then I will present various strategies and methods that people are using and critiquing them. I will also share my experience as a missionary in Lebanon and what the Lord taught as about His strategies and methods that we should pursue in our mission to Muslims. 

Room533A Lindsay Locke   E3 Partners.org

Family on Mission

 Do you want to learn how your WHOLE family can jump into the mission field right where you are? Join us as we explain simple ways to share the Gospel and practical ways our family is reaching the people of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes for Jesus. It’s so simple, even your kids can do it!