and application for tithe support

The money that the Jesus to the Nations Conference tithes from the offerings received should be considered “seed money” and not as a major source of funding.  To help with disbursement, we ask that you fill out this application. Currently $350 is given to aapproved short term mission trips (eg 2 weeks) and $700 for longer term mission trips.  A maximum of two persons per organised mission trip (i.e. church or organisation) and you may apply for sponsorship a second time after a two year period (and having attended Jesus to the Nations).


It should be noted that our principal purpose in tithing a portion of the Jesus to the Nations offerings is to be a source of encouragement to those going on mission trips who have been impacted and influenced to go through their attendance at a Jesus to the Nations Mission Conference.

Please download the Word or pdf file, fill in your information, and then submit it to prayer@jesustothenations.com or mail it to Jesus To The Nations, PO BOX 8822, Halifax NS, B3K 5M5

Application for Tithe support