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and application for tithe support

The money that the Jesus to the Nations Conference tithes from the offerings received should be considered “seed money” and not as a major source of funding.  To help with disbursement, we ask that you fill out this application. Currently $350 is given to aapproved short term mission trips (eg 2 weeks) and $700 for longer term mission trips


It should be noted that our principal purpose in tithing a portion of the Jesus to the Nations offerings is to be a source of encouragement to those going on mission trips who have been impacted and influenced to go though their attendance at a Jesus to the Nations Mission Conference.

Please print this off, fill it in and then submit it to sharonvidito@live.com


Name:                                                 Email:




Phone Number or Family Contact Number:


Check:  Mr:                 Mrs:                 Miss:               Ms:


Age range: 15-20:                20-30:              30-50:              Over 50:



            If studying, where and what?


Church & Pastor:

            Phone and Email of Pastor:  


Organization going with: 


Length of mission trip:                                Dates of Travel: 


Estimated cost for the total trip: 




Have you been on a mission trip before?  Yes:               No:



How did Jesus to the Nations motivate you to go on this mission trip and please tell us what aspects of your trip we can be praying for you? 



Why do you want to go on this mission trip/ long-term/short term assignment?  



What preparation or orientation are you/will you be making/getting before leaving for the mission experience?  





Do you plan on sending out information letters/prayer letters to friends/relatives and supporters before the trip and while on your trip?


Would you be prepared to write up a report of your mission trip for the J2N promotional material and/or website and other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?  Also, would you commit to a video testimony of your trip to be shown at next years’ Jesus To The Nations?


Yes                  No



How do you propose to use the mission experience after you return from a short term.  (Please check)

            _____more intensive preparation for future mission

            _____more education, linking up with a mission organization

            _____becoming a regular supporter of a missionary

            _____joining a prayer group

            _____ becoming part of a mission committee at your church

            _____other (specify)  


As a committee, please share how we might pray for any specific concerns as you prepare for your trip, during your trip and upon arriving home.







As a charitable organization, Jesus to the Nations cannot donate funds directly to individuals, but only to the sending organizations.


In the event that this application is accepted, please provide the name of the organization to which a donation should be made, the mailing address, name or project number to identify the intended recipient and name.


Organization Name: 


Mailing Address: 




CRA Number:


Name of person supported, or project #, etc.: 





Applicant’s Signature: ________________________________________________


Date: _____________________________________________________________

Application for Tithe support